What’s New 4-18-15

Well, the website is up! It’s a rough layout; but it’s something! *wipes her brow* Whoooo~ Doggie….

I’m super excited for River Road tomorrow! I’ll be taking sketch commissions and showcasing my upcoming projects, like Firefly Darkness and Litmore Academy Chronicles!

I’ve been learning the ins and outs of instagram, check me out @Jiko29, if you want. 🙂

A+B‘s uniform Design contest is running, check it out, feel free to enter! It’ll run until the 24th of April, and the winning design will be incorporated into the actual comic project! Neat, right?!

A Con-related announcement coming soon, watch for it!



Like many artists, from time to time my workload eases or unexpected financial issues lead to an open-call for commissions. That’s not to say I will only take commissions during an open-call, but please don’t take it personal if you message me and I can’t take on the extra work at that time. Try again when I post I’m free for commissions. 🙂

Some points to know about what I will and will not draw:

NO: Porn or graphic nudity

No: mechanical heavy images. I suck at drawing guns and machines… don’t make me do it, it won’t be pretty.

No: Photo-realism. I have a style, and that style is comic/anime…. outside of that, results may vary.

No: Overly-exaggerated anatomy requests. I struggle with the usual anatomy some days, thank you.

No: Gore

Yes: anime characters, comic book characters, males, females, cyborgs, cartoon characters, anthro, critters, video game characters, LGBT, pin-up, chibis, tasteful semi-nudity, mild violence (fist fight or lightly battered character)


General Pricing & Guidelines:

My rule for sketch commissions is you get what I feel like drawing, if you’re looking for a down-to-the-letter-specific pose/super complicated scene, please order a line-art or higher tier commission. I charge fairly for the effort it takes me– so sketches are pretty cheap, and I’d like to keep it that way. That being said, if you are dead-set on a piece of finished pencil work, or something  that’s more complicated than a basic sketch– email me a description of what you’re looking for and I’ll come up with a price quote. 🙂

Single Character:
Bust Sketches- $5.00
Detailed sketch- $10.00
B&W bust- $15.00
B&W 3/4- $20.00
B&W full pose – $25.00
Color bust- $30.00
colored full pose- $35.00
color full pose with background- $45.00


Sketches- $15.00
B&W bust- $20.00
B&W 3/4- $25.00
B&W full pose – $30.00
Color bust- $35.00
Color 3/4- $40.00
colored full pose- $50.00
color full pose with background- $60.00


Extra characters:
 (Price per extra character in single piece– groups of 3 or more)
$5 in a sketch, B&W piece up to 3/4 pose
$7 in any full pose piece, or color piece
Don’t see what you’re looking for? Wanting a painting or something different? Hop over to the Contact Me Page to send me a message for a quote. 🙂
(Updated 5-30-2016)



Welcome to the new website, SCIDesignart.com.

I’m working on getting everything set up, so please be patient, it’s been a while since I’ve stretched my web design muscles– and there’s a lot of content to put up! When it’s all shiny and done, there will be links to my various projects, publications, and portfolio. Thanks so much for visiting!

~Maegan Cook