Born in North Carolina to a military family, I traveled a lot growing up. I found that the time we lived in Okinawa, Japan has been the most influential on my life, as the introduction to Japanese culture came right before I seriously started drawing– and of course, led me down the path of the anime art style. Around that same time, I got inspired by a female author only a few years older than I was who had published her first book and decided to start writing. Day, night, school, home– as long as I had paper and a writing utensil, I spent 6 months of my life working on a very anime-esque fantasy novel that is hiding somewhere in my storage room. It will require a gallon of paint in lieu of a red pen for editing to ever again see the light of day.

Since those days, I’ve shifted continuously between drawing and writing, and when my thirtieth birthday became too close for comfort, my mother gave me an ultimatum: publish something or pick a career. So, I figured I better get something released, and I just so happened to have an outline of a romance story I had jotted down a few weeks earlier sitting on my desk. I sought some help fleshing it out into a functioning script, and not ready to bite the bullet of solo comic creation, sought out an artist. A year later, A Plus B was published, and I started on the path of a self-published creator.

Now I have two graphic novels, a children’s book, two e-books, and two zines published, with a novella on the way. As well as having participated in art projects and shows. As I look forward to the future, I’m excited about the next project on my agenda, and I hope you will join me through the journey.