August, Smaugust

Hello, lovely people!

I am pleased to announce the Kickstarter to launch “The World Next Door” was a success! Backer surveys will be going out shortly, and I’ll be working on the final version of the book after the conclusion of Metrocon in Tampa, Florida.


If you’re in, or near, the Tampa Bay area, consider coming down to the Convention Center and checking out the many talented creators hanging out in Artist Alley at Metrocon. Jessica, the artist for The World Next Door is here, and I just met Zeiva from Deviantart today! There are wonderful celebrity guests and cool panels as well.

I’m also open for commissions, both on the AA floor and online, just shoot me an email if you’re interested. Prices are listed on the FAQ page.  With the upcoming official release of The World Next Door graphic novel, make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter to catch all major announcements.

On a final note, I’m doing 12 cute chibi dragons for Smaugust this month, each connected to a month’s birthstone. I’m not sure yet if these will be available for merchandise, but keep an eye on my Instagram to see them and pick your favorite!

I’ll be back after the con to update the galleries, featured items in the shop, and more– until then, check out what I’ve mentioned in this post if you’re interested, and have a spectacular day!