Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!


Life has certainly kept me busy after summer ended. We had a huge garden haul, a successful Kickstarter campaign, I finished my romance novella, and found out and that I’m pregnant (with my first child).

WHEW! That’s a lot to take in over the course of a few months! Haha!

So, please forgive my dwindling, almost non-existence online. I did manage in November to do a small website update that included polishing up the projects section and adding new content to the galleries. I’ll work on more updates after Secret Gold (my recently finished novella) is published, and I also want to focus on getting a good balance with the store & merch so the books are easier to find as well. (List of my published work is currently under the projects menu if you didn’t know.)

New art content in 2018 is probably going to be far and few between, just warning you now, though I hope to be very productive in my writing and behind the scenes so we can tackle 2019 with a fresh comic-con convention season line-up and a bunch of new stuff and better table set up. ūüôā

I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season, and the new year brings you great things!

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke

Kickstart My Next Graphic Novel!

Hey guys!

The Kickstarter for The World Next Door is live now through August 3!

Please click on the link below and share/donate to help bring this book to print.


Click Here for the Kickstarter


The World Next Door is an aprox. 120 page, black & white, young adult graphic novel for sci-fi fans. It’s a story about two characters in a world not unlike our own, in the year 1947. Each character is facing their own personal crisis as the world faces doomsday. The goal of our campaign is to raise the funds for printing the graphic novel and cover promotional costs.

There are several reward tiers to choose from, from getting a digital PDF copy of the book, to get the printed copy signed by both the artist & author and an exclusive poster.

If we meet the goal and are fully funded, there will be an extra chapter in the book!

That’s right– a whole new, never before seen epilogue chapter! Told in transcript-style, it’ll offer a glimpse into the world of TWND after the aftermath of the Doomsday events of the main story.
The next milestone will be $1500 — I’ll be cooking up something good for all backers!
So, please share the link, spread the word, and back us with a donation of your choosing so we can make this campaign a success! ūüėÄ

Projects and Going-ons

Hello everyone!

It has been a wild & crazy summer so far; I hope some of you made it out to the shows I’ve attended this year and got to say hello!

I just wanted to post¬†a quick-update to let you guys know I’m totally spread all over my work like a fried egg. Er– well, maybe not the best of analogies, but I hope it kinda gets the point across. Here’s the run-down:


Recently Completed Projects

Bug Band Jamboree:

Jug band jamborees started long ago in the mountains of Tennessee. Musicians gathered in the moonlight to make joyful noise on washtubs, washboards, kazoos, banjos, tambourines, and drums. Bug Band Jamboree follows the musical adventure of one such band, Wilhelmina Jean and the Thumpers. Bug Band Jamboree captures the loose, foot-stomping rhyme scheme and lyrics of traditional American jug band music. Readers will love the exuberant pace and delight in the folksy atmosphere of the Deep South. This is a lively, lyrical story about the power of music and the power of compromise.

A 32 page children’s book written by Precious McKenzie with artwork by Maegan Cook.


Steven Universe Bust set:

I’ve got all the main gems, but I feel like Lion, Connie, and the fusions might need to be added one day. Lol. So many characters!

Website Updates:

Yes, this counts as a project. I went through and updated the galleries so they’re better organized, as well as separating the published/project section so if you’re looking for particular work I’ve done, it should be easier to find. I’ve also launched a mailchimp account, and you can sign up for updates & newsletters to be directly sent to¬†you from the Contact Me! page.



Projects In Progress


Firefly Darkness

Yes, the novel that consumed my November last year is still not done. It’s sooooooo close though. So close! I’ve finally reached a point where I can reschedule working on it between other freelance projects. Then, out to my eager beta readers for a draft overhaul, and onto editing.

Zine/Anthology Submissions

This is something I’ve been on the fence about announcing, but it’s getting close to publication time, so I’ll throw it up: look for some upcoming announcements as my work has been accepted in a few publications that I’ll be able to share when they come out!

Short Stories

In an effort to boost my writing, I have started churning out some short stories. A few of them will be available on wattpad for reading, as well as a couple that will be published by the end of the year. :3

Art, Art, and more Art!

On top of all that, there is more! Hahaha. I’ve also been working on some commissions and client work that while I can’t share yet, is pretty¬†cool. Hope to making a lot more announcements soon!


P.S.– if anyone is wondering, Chapter 5 of TWND is in progress at last, subscribe on tapastic for updates!

That’s all for now! Good luck to those going back to school already, and happy remaining summer to everyone!!! *begins to dream about pumpkin spice and ¬†s’mores*


Sorry for the lack of updates, I’m still figuring this out– but I think I have a handle on it now… and I have that announcement about a certain large con happening in the Twin Tiers area of New York… I’m talking of course, about T2C2!!!
if you’re in the area in August, Come find my table! I am going to spend all Summer getting ready for this show!

What’s New 4-18-15

Well, the website is up! It’s a rough layout; but it’s something! *wipes her brow* Whoooo~ Doggie….

I’m super excited for River Road tomorrow! I’ll be taking sketch commissions and showcasing my upcoming projects, like Firefly Darkness¬†and Litmore Academy Chronicles!

I’ve been learning the ins and outs of instagram, check me out @Jiko29, if you want. ūüôā

A+B‘s uniform Design contest is running, check it out, feel free to enter! It’ll run until the 24th of April, and the winning design will be incorporated into the actual comic project! Neat, right?!

A Con-related announcement coming soon, watch for it!