Like many artists, from time to time my workload eases or unexpected financial issues lead to an open-call for commissions. That’s not to say I will only take commissions during an open-call, but please don’t take it personal if you message me and I can’t take on the extra work at that time. Try again when I post I’m free for commissions. 🙂

Some points to know about what I will and will not draw:

NO: Porn or graphic nudity

No: mechanical heavy images. I suck at drawing guns and machines… don’t make me do it, it won’t be pretty.

No: Photo-realism. I have a style, and that style is comic/anime…. outside of that, results may vary.

No: Overly-exaggerated anatomy requests. I struggle with the usual anatomy some days, thank you.

No: Gore

Yes: anime characters, comic book characters, males, females, cyborgs, cartoon characters, anthro, critters, video game characters, LGBT, pin-up, chibis, tasteful semi-nudity, mild violence (fist fight or lightly battered character)


General Pricing & Guidelines:

My rule for sketch commissions is you get what I feel like drawing, if you’re looking for a down-to-the-letter-specific pose/super complicated scene, please order a line-art or higher tier commission. I charge fairly for the effort it takes me– so sketches are pretty cheap, and I’d like to keep it that way. That being said, if you are dead-set on a piece of finished pencil work, or something  that’s more complicated than a basic sketch– email me a description of what you’re looking for and I’ll come up with a price quote. 🙂

Single Character:
Bust Sketches- $5.00
Detailed sketch- $10.00
B&W bust- $15.00
B&W 3/4- $20.00
B&W full pose – $25.00
Color bust- $30.00
colored full pose- $35.00
color full pose with background- $45.00


Sketches- $15.00
B&W bust- $20.00
B&W 3/4- $25.00
B&W full pose – $30.00
Color bust- $35.00
Color 3/4- $40.00
colored full pose- $50.00
color full pose with background- $60.00


Extra characters:
 (Price per extra character in single piece– groups of 3 or more)
$5 in a sketch, B&W piece up to 3/4 pose
$7 in any full pose piece, or color piece
Don’t see what you’re looking for? Wanting a painting or something different? Hop over to the Contact Me Page to send me a message for a quote. 🙂
(Updated 5-30-2016)