Hi everyone!!! Today is the first day of fall, and I’d like to announce that my commission list will be closing soon, so if you want to get something drawn by me, shoot me a message via the contact me! page, or on facebook (@MaeganCookcreates).

As we wrap up September, I am still playing a glorious round of catch-up with #sketchtember2016 (check out the tag on tumblr or instagram, so much talent!!!), but I’m only a day behind right now, so that’s not too shabby. I’ve been on the fence about doing inktober this year since life’s a little crazy atm, but I found a fun prompt for witches, and will make a concerted effort to participate. 😀

In the interim, please help me out by taking a second to share your opinion in my poll so I can see what I should be working on, going into the new season:

What would you like to see me focus more on?

Setting up a patreon page
selling prints online
setting up a store with merchandice
fun stuff like inktober, posted to social media
compiling sketchbooks/selling originals

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