The World Next Door

“This is the Way the World Ends…”

In a world so similar, yet different from our own, the year is 1947; and a war in Europe has been raging for over a decade…

In Silver City, Tanya Grey is facing the end of life as she knows it— her mother’s run off, the rent is due, and she has only one way to survive on her own… by selling herself to the highest bidder.

Leonard Stevens is also facing his own personal apocalypse, at the bottom of a bourbon glass. His life lays in shambles in the wake of his wife’s infidelity and abandonment.

Little do either of these sad souls know, that a real doomsday is actually right around the corner…



East of Omaha



A dark short story in which a man and girl who have survived the end of the world try to deny the inevitable as long as they can.