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Manga Cover Art
Manga Cover Art

The prestigious Litmore Academy has sent its

students on an extended field trip to Chicago.
Among them are students Arisa, Gabby, and
Arisa— sweet, demure, shy, and lonely— is best
friends with Gabby, one of the more
well-known, garrulous, and fashion-conscious
girls at Litmore. Lacking confidence in her-
self, Arisa prefers staying in with a good
book, but Gabby will have none of it and drags
her out on the town.

Which is where she bumps into Brandon, the
cutest and most popular guy in school.
Suddenly, the Windy City is blowing the winds of
change…and romance…Arisa’s way.

Will she embrace them?

A 126 page graphic novel created by Maegan with artwork by Power-J, available for purchase online at Amazon, Smashwords, and B&


The World Next Door

“This is the Way the World Ends…”

Adapted from the Sci-fi ebook, This webcomic with art by Jessica Howard is a stunning visualization of the apocalyptic thriller set in an alternative world. The year is 1947, and as two souls face their separate, personal doomsdays, little do they know it’s the last day of civilization as they know it…


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Bug Band Jamboree

Jug band jamborees started long ago in the mountains of Tennessee. Musicians gathered in the moonlight to make joyful noise on washtubs, washboards, kazoos, banjos, tambourines, and drums. Bug Band Jamboree follows the musical adventure of one such band, Wilhelmina Jean and the Thumpers. Bug Band Jamboree captures the loose, foot-stomping rhyme scheme and lyrics of traditional American jug band music. Readers will love the exuberant pace and delight in the folksy atmosphere of the Deep South. This is a lively, lyrical story about the power of music and the power of compromise.

A 32 page children’s book written by Precious McKenize with artwork by Maegan Cook.

31 Witches: A Spellbound Sketchbook

An inktober compilation zine featured the 2016 “31 Witches” theme. Includes all 31 inked illustrations in black and white and a color cover. Artwork by Maegan Cook.