Shop is Open!


The Shop page has been added to the menu on the main page, and links to the two online store options available. For photo prints, posters, and merchandise like phone cases, totes, t-shirts, etc…. check out the storefront on red bubble; and for more limited items, like art prints, original work for sale, and sketchbook compilations, check out the etsy store.

Here’s the link for the shop so you can explore what’s now available:

As always, links to published books are under the “Projects” section, where you can click on the title link to be directed to where they’re for sale (if they’re online for sale). I’ve added the 31 Witches sketchbook direct link to this section as well. I’m so excited it’s finally done!!!

In other news, lots of exciting convention season ramping up is going on. I’m working on creating some smaller things to test out at my table, like charms and pins. If you haven’t yet, check out the Events page where I’ve posted my con schedule for the year.

The World Next Door is also on its way to completion, as well as a fantasy romance novelette I’ve been working on; so hopefully, I’ll keep rolling out the updates. If you want to make sure you keep up to date and never miss out when something new hits, subscribe to my newsletter under the Contact Me! page. I only send out website updates and special bulletins, no spam! 😀


ALSO! New art is up in the galleries!

Here’s a sample: