Kickstart My Next Graphic Novel!

Hey guys!

The Kickstarter for The World Next Door is live now through August 3!

Please click on the link below and share/donate to help bring this book to print.


Click Here for the Kickstarter


The World Next Door is an aprox. 120 page, black & white, young adult graphic novel for sci-fi fans. It’s a story about two characters in a world not unlike our own, in the year 1947. Each character is facing their own personal crisis as the world faces doomsday. The goal of our campaign is to raise the funds for printing the graphic novel and cover promotional costs.

There are several reward tiers to choose from, from getting a digital PDF copy of the book, to get the printed copy signed by both the artist & author and an exclusive poster.

If we meet the goal and are fully funded, there will be an extra chapter in the book!

That’s right– a whole new, never before seen epilogue chapter! Told in transcript-style, it’ll offer a glimpse into the world of TWND after the aftermath of the Doomsday events of the main story.
The next milestone will be $1500 — I’ll be cooking up something good for all backers!
So, please share the link, spread the word, and back us with a donation of your choosing so we can make this campaign a success! 😀